Youth Olympic Games 2014


Jinniu Lake Sailing Venue
Nanjing, China
18-24 August 2014.

Team Participates:

•    Phone Kyaw Moe Myint ( Manager )
•    Set Naing Aung ( Athlete )


From the initial days of training, it was evident that we would be sailing in very light conditions similar to that of the Inya Lake. In fact, the race course was around 3 times the size of the length from Middle to Promebuoy in the Inya Lake. The wind was incredibly shifty and we were seeing gust that reached only 6-8 knots.

Training was done with several other boats including top sailors from Thailand, Israel and New Zealand and we conducted short but productive sessions.
The experience of YOG

The experience of being in the Olympics is simply remarkable and one cannot get enough of it. Getting a chance to meet all the young athletes and officials from around the world gave me a lot of insight of the importance of sport itself.  
Furthermore, it was such a great opportunity to get close with our own fellow Myanmar athletes and officials and get to know them better.

I feel compelled that we must continue to try our best and develop our youth
programs so that we can continue to compete at such a prestigious level.  Trying to qualify for the actual Olympics will be a gigantic feat that will be difficult but not impossible. Nevertheless, I feel confident we will be able to take part in the next YOG that will be held in Argentina 2018.

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