16th Asian Sailing Championships 2014


Incheon, Korea
1-6 July 2014

Team Participates:

•    Phone Kyaw Moe Myint (Manager)
•    Kookiat Sakulfaeng (Coach)
•    July Hmwe
•    Set Naing Aung
•    Min Thiha Aung
•    Ngon Phooe Hlaing

16th Asian Sailing Championships

•    The overall wind conditions of this event were light with winds averaging around 6-8 knots.  There were days the wind picked up to an average of 12-14 and gusting 18 but this was only during races 3 and 4.
•    The race committee for the regatta did a decent job conducting the race although it was light and shifty weather.
•    The team has a good communication line between their coach and the athletes and daily briefings / debriefs are conducted.  There is a small language barrier between them but it is not an issue at all.
•    Competition amongst the windsurfing classes were strong with all the top teams competing except for China, Japan and the Philippines who did not show up for the windsurfing classes. Their top teams may be training locally or in Europe.



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