10th KFC Langkawi International Regatta Perdana 2013

General Information

The 10th KFC Langkawi International Regatta Perdana 2013.

Participants from MYF

Optimist Class 420 Laser

Ye Chit Oo

Htin Lin Aung

Zwe Thura

Min Thaw Kaung

Min Thiha Aung

Nadi Lin Latt

Myat Pan Khwar Nyo

Hnin Wadi Soe

Wai Pwint

Theingi Win Shwe

Moe Khant Thadin Hlamyint

Thurein Tun Oo 

Zayar Htet

Aung Myat Moe

Oak Gar Moe

Kaung Htet Myat

Khin Nyo Linn


Ye Htet

Sett Naing Aung

Naing Linn Tun

List of Nations Participating

  • Myanmar
  • Malaysia
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Bahrain


  • မိမိတို႕အေနႃဖင္႕ႏိုင္ငံျခားႃပိဳင္ပြဲေတြ ႕ အႄကံဳရရန္
  • ယခင္မိမိတို႕သြားေရာက္ယွၪ္ႃပိဳင္ခဲ႕ေသာ 29th KFC မွအမွားမ်ားကိုႃပဳႃပင္၍ႃပိဳင္ပြဲဝင္ရန္
  • မိမိတို႕ႃပိဳင္ဘက္၏လကရည္ အေႃခအေနကိုသိ႐ွိရန္

Clinic Days

Day 1 –  Rigging and Tuning the boat

Day 2 –  Speed testing with Malaysia Boats
            Tacking and Gybing on whistle

Day 3 –  Speed testing with Malaysia Boats
             Focus on boat speed and trimming crew movement

Day 4 –  Speed testing in morning session
             Short race in evening session

Day 5 –  Racing with Malaysia Team
             Short course in morning, Long course in evening

Day 6 –  Boats preparation and prepare to get ready for regatta
             Rest in the evening

Regatta Days

Day 1 –  First Race started at 1100 am
            Wind speed up to 10 to 13 knots
            Sailors started to show their talent in first race
            We had very good upwind and boats speed
            But in downwind, the boys always lose 2 to 3 boats

Day 2 –  Fist starting Gun at 1000
            Wind was still good as yesterday but condition about the sea was shifty and current was strong. In starting line, current was pushing from behind and that made us got  over the line. We got one black flag for Moe Khant and Thurein.

Day 3 –  Starting was the same time as yesterday. Wind and current were still strong. We were very disappointed to all the sailors with their starting. But boys were not as bad as girls who got black flag

Day 4 –  Last Day starting Gun at 1000. Only two race was left. That day became important for the girls. They were leading the whole fleet throughout every race.They did very well at upwind, reaching and downwind but they still need to improve more in planning and crew spinnaker work.


  • It would have been seem very good result for the girls. Their upwind and boat handling were very improved compare to the previous regatta. They are trying to improve reaching, downwind and starting. 
  • For the boys were good at start. They still need to work on trimming, crew work, balancing at the upwind and also fleet controls technique which are still weak. For reaching and downwind, crews should play more with spinnaker. Helms must know what others do and maintain their position, concentrating on waving, planning to go to downwind mark.
  • About our opponent, they look very stable and they are very competitive with each other in their fleet. They are working hard especially the 420 boys. They are really good and ready enough.
  • For the girls, the helm is really smart at reaching and downwind. They can sail very smartly.

    Nay La Kyaw
    Int’l 420 Coach



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