Thailand Windsurfing Championships & Pattaya International Windsurfing Cup 2014

Venue :

Jomtien Beach
Pattaya city
10th ~ 12th January 2014

Team Participates:

  • Phone Kyaw Moe Myint (Manager)
  • Kookiat Sakulfaeng (Coach)
  • Min Min
  • July Hmwe
  • Set Naing Aung
  • Ye Htet
  • Ngon Phooe Hlaing

Pattaya International Windsurfing Cup 2014

  • It has been over 20 days since the team last trained on their boards and therefore in was obvious that their endurance and strength decreased.  However as the races continued, the sailor’s performance began to improve even with the average breeze of 13-15 knots.

  • Pattaya Windsurfing Championship_1
  • Pattaya Windsurfing Championship_2
  • Pattaya Windsurfing Championship_3
  • Pattaya Windsurfing Championship_4
  • Pattaya Windsurfing Championship_5
  • Pattaya Windsurfing Championship_6
  • Pattaya Windsurfing Championship_7
  • Pattaya Windsurfing Championship_8





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